Remote Support

Online Remote Services Terms

Accurate Networks, LLC offers its clients Phone Support and Remote assistance as well as onsite support.
These services are provided at current Accurate Networks “Remote Support Rates” unless another maintenance agreement is in place in advance.

Requesting services constitute acceptance of these rates.  If you are unsure about these rates or not authorized to accept these terms, DO NOT REQUEST SUPPORT!

Accurate Networks, LLC. makes every effort to resolve each Support Request.  However, we cannot guarantee resolution to every problem.  Services are only provided for the equivalent to the time paid for.

The maximum time or budget limit must be communicated at time of service, otherwise services will continue until problem is resolved or our technician determines that the problem can not resolved through these means.


Accurate Networks, LLC. is not liable for any loss or damage as a direct or indirect result of any services provided.

The requester is responsible to ensure that system data is backed up.

Services Rates

Please send an email for updated pricing.

Call Accurate Networks, LLC. at 855.276.9210 to receive a support time and connection password. Then download and run our Remote Assistance Client.

If prompted by the Windows or other firewall, allow inbound and outbound data for this application.